Adrenaline Brush make beautiful board games for retail and bespoke board games for organisations.

Business Games

We make business games, produce bespoke board games, and promotional board games. We work with businesses, charities, universities, as well as public bodies and individual inventors.

Personalised Board Games

We make personalised board games - these can be for birthdays or anniversaries. Prices start from just £99.00.

Beautiful Board Games

See our range of beautiful board games, more than just board games they are stunning pieces of contemporary art.

Featured Game - Nine

Nine is a classic strategy game for 2 players with a superb modern design.

Looking for playing pieces?

Looking for playing pieces for your board games, you'll find them here.

Splodge - Thinking 4 Success

A fantastic educational resource find out more here

Adrenaline Brush make board games. We make beautiful board games for retail and bespoke board games for organisations from different sectors as well as for individual game inventors.

When we make custom games or bespoke board games we work closely with our Clients.  Together we explore how a game might help to deliver business goals. We then look at board game design ideas, play mechanics and production options. At the same time we discuss and agree timescales and budgets. By using this bespoke board games approach we can ensure that we create custom games that that are delivered in a SMART way and meet an organisation’s goals.

Games, gaming and gamification of learning are commonly used words. It means adding games and game like elements into the learning process. This is an exciting and different way to learn. Businesses are using board games and game elements in learning and development. The education sector is adding gaming ideas into course programmes in schools, colleges and universities. Organisations in the voluntary sector have a long tradition of using games to support learning and change. The public sector is investing in games to communicate key messages.

Adrenaline Brush is perfectly placed to deliver games for learning with our 13 year track record of working with businesses, universities and organisations from the public and voluntary sectors. What makes us unique is our understanding of game design/game mechanics, our skills as graphic designers/artists and our professional knowledge across the sectors.

If you have a specific game idea you would like to discuss and develop contact us.