At Adrenaline Brush we make beautiful board games and bespoke board games for organisations from across the sectors.

We specialise in games for retail and business games.


Featured Game - Nine

Nine is a classic strategy game for 2 players with a superb modern design.

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Splodge - Thinking 4 Success

A fantastic educational resource why not visit the site here

At Adrenaline Brush we make bespoke board games for organisations from different sectors as well as individual board game inventors. We also make commercial beautiful board games that we sell in the UK and Europe. Our commercial board games are enjoyed by children and adults.

When we make custom board games we work closely with our clients.  We find out how a game might help to deliver key business goals. Together with our client, we look at board game design ideas, board game development and board game production. We discuss and agree project timescales and budgets with all our clients. By using this bespoke board games approach we can make sure that we create custom board games that meet an organisation’s objectives and that are delivered in SMART way. We have made board games, card games, dice games and games on card and paper.

George Bernard Shaw once said, 'We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.'

Games, gaming and gamification of learning are becoming commonly used words. It means including games and game like elements into the learning process. This is an exciting and different way to learn. Businesses are increasingly using board games and game elements in learning and development. The education sector is adding gaming ideas into course programmes both in schools and universities. Organisations in the voluntary sector have a long tradition of using games to support learning and change. The public sector is investing in games and board games to communicate key messages.

Adrenaline Brush is perfectly suited to deliver games for learning. What makes Adrenaline Brush unique is our understanding of board game design/board game mechanics, our skills as graphic designers/artists and our professional backgrounds in business and education. As a company we design, produce and sell our beautiful board games commercially in the UK and the rest of Europe. We work closely with inventors – undertaking board game reviews, producing prototype games, and games ready to take to market. We have a track record of working with businesses and making games that meet their business needs.

If you have a specific board game idea you would like to discuss and develop contact us.

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