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Maybe maybe maybe maybe maybe

This technique is great to stimulate imagination, and in generating multiple ideas rather than using the first thing that comes into your head. It’s also great in science to generate hypotheses.

Take any idea, concept, question or scenario. All the next contributions start with maybe. Repeat as many times as you like to generate a range of ideas.

Splodge was looking for something
Maybe it’s valuable
Maybe it’s a treasured memory hidden deep in the memory
Maybe it’s not lost
Maybe somebody else has borrowed it

Take a breath

This is great for focussing attention and getting everybody ready for thinking and learning.

Start the class with controlled breathing. Everyone breathes in while you slowly count to 4 and breathes out while you slowly count to 4. Repaet 2-3 times

Be Inspired

Have an inspirational or thought provoking quote already displayed as everyone enters the class. Spend some time talking about it. Class members should be encouraged to contribute by finding suitable quotes. Introduce variety to the process perhaps with a picture, a single word or line from a song. Most of all make it something to really look forward to and make it interesting. Do at least one a week but done well you’ll find that participants become eager to contribute one a day.

Splodge likes to exceed expectations so here’s a 4th bonus idea.

Questionaries (This is not a typo)

This is a fusion of questioning and categorising and is great for helping participants with formulating questions and evaluating them.

Start with a subject matter that is of interest or related to the subject being taught.

Participants write down as many questions as possible. Next participants think about what type of questions have been asked, they should be encouraged to develop as many of their own categories as possible, easy, difficult, open ended, many different answers, questions that lead to more questions etc. Finally assign the questions to one or more of the categories.

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