Board Games

Board Games - At Adrenaline Brush we are designing beautiful new board games and brining ancient board games back to life with a special twist. You cn buy our board games right here. If you have any questions contact us.

Board Games

Board Games - At Adrenaline Brush we are constantly designing  and producing board games for retail. As you will soon discover our games offer a good range of play mechanics and are fun to play. We design games to be enjoyed by families, children, teenagers and groups of adults.  Here are just few examples of our games.

Fondue was our first board game and is still a family favourite. The game is played on board tiles which all start face down. As you turn the tiles face up passage ways are made and soon a maze appears. You can rotate tiles to change the maze, opening up a passage for yourself  but blocking the route for your opponents. The cheese thieves and trap doors add greatly to the strategic element of this game. The star cards can have good or bad consequences for you or your opponents.

Square Route is a game that was influenced by the love of the great outdoors and navigating in bad weather. The idea of navigating has been incorporated into the play mechanics. The navigation cards determine the direction of movement. You must navigate to the centre of the board to claim points. You have to make tactical decisions about doubling or trebling up on your pieces so that you can advance more quickly to the centre of the board. However, if captured the player who has made the capture decides where to place your pieces in the starting squares. The idea of introducing counters that can be placed on the board to block movement, and counters that make pieces safe from capture is a nice added dimension to the game.

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Ancient Board Games - board games are not a modern idea. They have, in fact, been played for thousands of years. Different continents and different countries have created their own games to play socially with others.  Ancient board games are still some of the best strategy games in world. What makes them unique is that they are relatively easy to learn but some can take a life time to master.

Not only are we making new games but we are constantly researching ancient board games. Moreover, we bring them back to life with an artistic face lift. Why have grids and lines for a board game when you can have them beautifully designed. Below are just two examples of what how we have changed the old games.

Sixteen Soldiers is basically intersecting lines – played once by simply carving the board on the board or onto a stone surface. We have created as a piece of art.

Nine Mens Morris - originally played squares within sqaures and intersecting lines we have redesigned it as a non-linear orbital design. The design is very popular with men and boys.

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