Testimonials from organisations

Testimonials - here you can read examples of the range of project briefs that Adrenaline Brush has undertaken and the testimonials from the representatives of the organisations.  The examples have been chosen to show the diversity of projects that we have done and the different organisations that we have worked with. Contact us to discuss your needs.


Testimonials and projects delivered to businesses and organisations - read about our work below.
AMCOR - Presentation Products
Brief – AMCOR approached Adrenaline Brush for product consultancy on a presentation product.  This was followed by a request to produce the product.  In order meet the brief, 36 magnetised boards were produced.  The 6 sets of 6 designs also included hundreds of loose pieces.  There were board stands, hinges for the panels as well as printed magnetised captions.
Testimonial - ‘Adrenaline Brush fully supported us from design to production.  They went above and beyond our expectations and created a fantastic looking product from of an elementary, unfinished brief. Their board and materials expertise and personable project management was superb.  We particularly appreciated their determination to find the right solution for our request, even with an almost impossibly short lead time.  Thank you!’  Euphemia Stoodley, Specialist, Business Development and Strategic Marketing, Amcor Group.
AMLIN Business Board Game – Induction Game
Brief – staff on the graduate recruitment programme were asked to make a UK version of AMLIN’s training game.  We designed and manufactured the board game.   We also designed and printed the playing cards as well as the storage box. A large version of the game on a durable material.
Testimonial – ‘I would recommend Adrenaline Brush.  The product we ended up with was of a high quality, the price was very reasonable and the staff were helpful and approachable.’  Jack Keating, AMLIN.

Brief - to design a board game that could be used with all new staff as part of their  induction training.   We delivered a board game design day to generate ideas, which we then refined in consultation with Reading.  We undertook all the research for the playing cards and produced playing cards that met the brief.

Testimonial – 'I felt at ease with working with Adrenaline Brush to design the game.  They were great in letting me know what would and wouldn’t work for the game and really collaborated with us to get the game we needed.  They were also very patient with the multiple branding changes and requirements from our marketing department.  I was blown away by the quality of the product.  Every time I take the game out of the box and show colleagues they are equally blown away.'  Hannah Henretty, Learning and Development Officer, University of Reading.

UNIVERSITY OF DERBY – Conservation board game
Brief - design and manufacture the conservation game called ‘Park Life'. In addition, source special playing pieces for the games.
Testimonial – ‘Staff very knowledgeable about the area of ‘serious games’ with a sound background knowledge and ideas for potential advertising and marketing.  A very professional service and the stages of design and production are regularly communicated to keep you up-to-date with progress.  There is a high level of care and attention taken with the project with allowance to make amendments so that you are 100% happy with the product.’ Dr Louise Robinson, Lecturer in Forensic Biology.
NATIONAL EXPRESS Business Board Game – Training Board Game
Brief - to design and produce a game that could be used to train National Express coach drivers about driver safety.  With this in mind, we first designed the art work for the board game as well as the art work for the playing cards.   We then edited the rules before making a small number of board games.
Testimonial – ‘A professional service and knowledgeable staff team who work closely with the client.  Really pleased with the finished product’.  Paul Simpson, National Express.
HANDS ON MOTHERS & BABIES – training game for health workers/mothers
Brief - to manufacture a board game for use within a charitable organisation and also provide advise on design and packaging for the product.  Because the board game was going to be used in developing countries as such it had to be durable. For this reason the games were printed onto a cleanable material and canvas bags were produced for storage.
Testimonials – ‘Adrenaline Brush provided a really excellent service to us under extremely limiting time restraints.  Not at any point did they say that they couldn’t help because of the time pressures and we worked together to produce a really amazing board game which perfectly suits our needs using the resources & budget available.’  Jo Greenwood, Hands on Mother and Babies.
ROYAL MARINES – Board game Consultancy & production of dice game
Brief 1 – board game consultancy; advice on toy safety and toy safety testing centres as well as a review of the design work. Source playing pieces for the game Uckers.
Brief 2 – design and produce bespoke dice for game called snake eyes using the Royal Marine green.
Testimonials – ‘Brilliant service delivered in a professional, friendly way’, Joe Lane, Operations Director.
We would like to thank all our clients for their fantastic testimonials, unfortunately we cannot include all the testimonials that we receive nor can we talk about every project although we would love to.  It is our pleasure to work with so many different organisations.
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