Inventing selling games

Inventing selling games - we know all about inventing and selling games. The three case studies show examples of games we have made for businesses, games for education and board games for inventors. Contact us if you have a board game idea.

Business Game - case study

Education Game - case study

Inventor's Game - case study

Inventing selling games

Inventing selling games - The three case studies are examples of games that we have made for business, for education and an inventor.

The business game was for use in learning and development by the National Express - training coach drivers in driver safety and general health and safety. Read the detailed case study to find out more about all the stages involved in the process. From designing the board, designing the playing cards and rules, getting bespoke playing parts and producing the finished product.

The education game is about learning modern foreign languages and explores the world of possibilities that modern foreign languages can open up. The game was created in consultation with young people from 9 high schools. They were involved in a board game design day, creating ideas for the play mechanics and as well as design ideas. They were also involved in a design and marketing day. The game and includes playing cards, reasons for learning a modern foreign language cards as well as an educational resource pack. It has been sold to schools. Copies of the game are available so contact us if you would like copies for your school.

Inventors – an inventor went through the process of inventing selling games with Adrenaline Brush. This conservation game includes a range of playing pieces, two sets of cards, rules, and an education pack. The game is sold to schools.

Enjoy reading the case studies and contact us with your ideas that you would like to develop.