Bespoke Board Games

Bespoke Board Games - Here you can read a detailed case study of how we created a bespoke board game for the National Express.  The organisation used the bespoke board game to train their coach drivers.  Contact us to discuss your board game.

Board Game Design
We created an initial design that included roads as the game was about driver safety.
Our challenge was to think about a backdrop for the game for which we created a montage of road signs which fitted beautifully with the theme.
We personalised the game by including the name and organisation name and logo.

Card Design & Rules

To the right is a shot of the finished rules for the game.

To the left are the designed playing cards.


Finished Board Game

Image of game with the playing pieces and cards.
Bespoke playing pieces - coaches were sourced for the game.

Bespoke Board Games

Bespoke Board Games - The National Express approached Adrenaline Brush to discuss their idea for a board game.  The board game was to be used as part of their training programme for their coach drivers. The game focussed on driving safely and issues related to general health and safety.
The health and safety manager had already worked on the scenarios that would be used in the game. He wanted Adrenaline Brush to:
• Design the art work for the scenario cards.
• Design and create the art work for the board game.
• Edit and revise the rules for the game.
• Source bespoke playing parts – pieces that looked like coaches.
• Produce a minimum run of board games.
After reviewing the game, we discussed game mechanics with the client and agreed to include some additional play mechanics.  This made the game more interesting to play as a game.  The finished board game was produced and sent to the client with colour illustrated rules and bespoke playing parts.
The client was delighted with the finished product and said,  'a professional service and knowledgeable staff team who work closely with the client.  Really pleased with the finished product'. Paul Simpson, National Express.
If you need a bespoke board game for your organisation please contact us.