Board Game Inventors

Board game inventors come and talk to us if you have a board game idea.  We do board game reviews, graphic design work, make board game prototypes, and produce board games.  You might be interested to know that we work with both businesses and individual inventors.  Here are just three examples of our work with inventors. Contact us for more information. 

Inventors Board Game

Car Park Mayhem

Bespoke Dice Game

Snake Eyes


Board Game Inventors

Board Game Inventors - our approach involves:
Board game reviews – we review board game ideas for board game inventors and write a report on the findings.  We always suggest that our inventors start with a board game review as it can identify problems and issues and help the next stages of the process.
Client Feedback - During the Board Game Review, the staff’s knowledge and experience of the board game industry was impressive and helpful.  The Board Game Review was in depth and impressively well researched. Halton Borough Council
Board game designers – our graphic designers create board game graphics just for you.  Graphics are designed in consultation with our clients, ensuring that their specific needs are taken into account.
Client Feedback  - We’re really pleased with the promotional game Adrenaline Brush designed and produced for us, particularly the way in which our company logo and colours have been incorporated seamlessly into the art work of the game – the game provides a talking point for visitors coming into the office. Kathy Haines, Liverpool BA
Board game testing – we test both the board game and the rules.  This includes board games for children, board games for families, or business games. This is important as it allows additional changes to be made.
Client Feedback - It is simple to play and to learn how to play it doesn’t take long.  You learn loads of different things about languages and the things you can do with languages from the board game.  I wish I had it when I was in Year 7 or 8 as it may have moved me towards languages. Young people's comments about the language board game Go Global.
Board game production – we make a low number of games for our clients - from a single game to 1,000 games.
Client Feedback - Adrenaline Brush fully supported us from design to production of 36 magnetised boards for commercial use.  They went above and beyond our expectations and created a fantastic looking product from of an elementary, unfinished brief.  Their board and materials expertise and personable project management was superb. Euphemia Stoodley, Amcor
Marketing – we can help you with marketing and distribution.
Board game inventors Contact us to discuss your specific needs.