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Nellie Maan

Nellie Maan Art - Nellie Maan is an artist who uses different art methods and approaches in her work. Her work is shaped by a wide range of influences - everything from the natural environment to the socially constructed environments in which we live. Nellie's latest art collection focusses on the world of the fast evolving language of text speak. Before committing anything to paper, Nellie vanished into the black hole of text speak (or text jargon) for a considerable length of time. She emerged sounding like an encyclopedia (or more precisely a googlepedia) of acronyms. Nellie spent countless hours observing people's behaviour and their intimate relationship with their mobile phones. She then choose 12 acronyms to explore and create through the visual arts.

Nellie’s art delves into the multi-layered meaning of text language – a language that Nellie believes says little but speaks volumes.  She has adopted a fresh, clean modern approach to creating the art pieces. Nellie uses rich and varied backgrounds. The balance of texture to white space with the use of strong black lines along with the limited colour palette defines the unique contemporary art style. Although fun and appealing the seemingly simple images convey a depth of meaning.

In this gallery you can see all the art pieces. The art pieces are limited edition prints that are signed by the artist. You can own one of the 25 signed fine art prints. The clean, fresh and appealing fine art prints are ideal for all styles of decor. Contact us for more information.

Nellie Maan's exhibition dates for 2016 can be found here.