BL – Belly Laugh – Text Speak Art by Nellie Maan


BL – A fantastic opportunity to own a Limited Edition Fine Art Print by Nellie Maan from the text speak art collection. See below for a full description.

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BL or Belly Laugh  is part of a set of Limited Edition Art Prints by Nellie Maan from her new art range. There are only 25 signed prints of each image making the art pieces very popular and collectable.

Belly Laugh invites the viewer to consider such a seemingly abstract concept in reality. What is a BL or a Big Belly Laugh conveying from the sender to the receiver? Do we ever laugh so deeply at a text message? Do people simply add the letters BL or BBL at the end of a text without taking a moment to actually absorb the text that they have received or the message they are sending?

The piece was inspired by a holiday in the Far East – where one can buy endless quantities of a big belly Buddha that are all laughing. The models induce laughter and tourists can’t resist pulling out their foreign currency and bartering for a bargain Buddha.

Is the Buddha in the art piece intending to induce a loud deep hearty laugh? Or is the Buddha conveying an awakening – after all the word Buddha means ‘one who is awake’ in the sense of having woken up to reality. But who’s reality?

The precise working methods are a closely guarded secret that have been developed over a number of years. The textures that Nellie produces are rich and varied and the balance of texture to white space with the use of strong black lines along with the limited colour palette defines the unique style and gives it the clean fresh look.

This contemporary art style has been applied to the world language of text speak (or text jargon) acronyms as it is a language that says little but speaks volumes. This clean, fresh and appealing fine art print is perfect for all styles of decor.

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