Dragons in the Welsh mountains Art print of a painting by Ken Davies


Dragons in the Welsh mountains is a fine art print of a painting by Ken Davies

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Dragons in the Welsh mountains is a Fine Art Print of a landscape painting by artist Ken Davies.

The title of the piece is dragons. What can be nicer than walking in the mountains of Wales on a summers day with the breeze blowing through your hair. A fantastic way to take in the views, see the sites, stop and unusual places for a bite to eat and drink.  And if you look very carefully, the baby dragons will come out to play closely watched and guarded by there mother

The exact location of the Welsh mountain can not be specified as the image is a composite based on memories of many walks in the mountains of Wales. There are many fabulous places to walk in Wales especially if the main tourist mountains are avoided. The locals are very welcoming and allow you to practice your Welsh just look at any view and say ‘bendigedig’. Ken Davies is an avid doodler and an expert colourist.  Ken is often asked about how he achieves clean white lines.  Although the technique is a closely guarded secret, it is a traditional technique involving and pen and paintbrushes. Hidden things are an added feature to show a frivolous side.  Many observers find their own shapes in the pieces like cloud gazing or attributing meaning to ink splats.

As an artist, Ken Davies, is inspired by his love of the natural environment and enjoys capturing scenes associated with nature and water. He likes to explore and experiment with different media combining media that seem incompatible. Dragons is part of his hidden collection.

The print is 37 cm by 27 cm in a light snow white mount of 50 cm by 40 cm.  There is the additional option to buy the natural solid wood frame which shows the work to its best.

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