Elixir – A Board Game of Strategy


Elixir – is a game of strategy that involves bluffing, keeping a poker face, and duelling your way to release the elixir of life.

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  • A strategy game in which you can test your tactical, strategic and bluffing skills.
  • Category – 2 – 6 player board games.
  • Ages 11 to adult.
  • Beautifully designed and hand made in the UK with quality wooden playing parts.
  • Wood sourced from sustainable sources.

Special Feature

Elixir is a game where players begin in the centre of the board and move through the different levels of transformation  and collect ingredients for alchemy formulae.  There is a different key code for every level and each level has certain ingredients for alchemy formulae.  As they move up the levels players must collect ingredients for an alchemy formula as there is no turning back once they have left a level.  Or they can simply let the other players collect the ingredients and then try and win ingredients from them by calling duels.  Players can play the game by either by bluffing or by telling the truth depending on how devious they are feeling.

Additional Information

  • Ideal if looking for family board games, board games for teenagers or board games for adults
  • Elixir is an alchemy game and perfect for those who like to bluff, double bluff and take risks.
  • Time to play – 45-60 minutes average.
  • The game comes with wooden playing parts and colour illustrated rules without a gift box, OR
  • Game is supplied with wooden playing parts and colour illustrated rules in a gift box.
  • Please keep the game away from children under the age of 36 months as the playing parts are a choking hazard.

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