FF – Friends Forever – Text Speak Art by Nellie Maan


FF – A fantastic opportunity to own a Limited Edition Fine Art Print by Nellie Maan from the text speak art collection. See below for a full description.

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FF or Friends Forever belongs to a set of Limited Edition Art Prints by Nellie Maan from her brand new art collection. There are only 25 signed prints of each image making the art pieces extremely collectable.

The title FF raises the question what does it mean to be Friends Forever? Friends Forever or Best Friends Forever or new bestie is often used in a superficial way, a throw away exclamation at the end of texts. FF or BFF is replaced quickly with new BFF or FF. Should people be cynical when someone tells them that they are their new BFF? And should we all think before we use such an expression? Are friendships as dispensable as the mobile phones over which they are so readily declared? Have relationships really become so ephemeral?

The art piece was inspired by a holiday in Spain where on a daily basis pairs of older people were walking along the coast – some were couples others were clearly life-long friends. The coast is implied from the railing with lines of infinity vanishing off to the edges of the print – suggesting perhaps the longevity of true friendships. The use of umbrellas suggests that friendships can survive the storms that life presents.

The precise working methods are a closely guarded secret that have been developed over a number of years. Nellie produces are rich and varied textures. The balance of texture to white space with the use of strong black lines along with the limited colour palette defines the unique style and gives it the clean fresh look.

The subject matter for is contemporary art style is the world of the language of text speak or text jargon acronyms as it is a language that is both engaging and confusing. This fresh and appealing fine art print is suitable for all modern styles of decor.

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