GOI – Get Over It – by Artist Nellie Maan


GOI – A fantastic opportunity to own a Limited Edition Art Print by Nellie Maan from her text speak art collection. See below for a full description.

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GOI or Get Over It is part of a set of Limited Edition Art Prints by Nellie Maan from her new art range. One of 25 collectable art prints.

Get Over It! Do people genuinely get over it, accept something that has happened and move on. What does move on actually mean? Do you need to move on? Do some tell others to Get Over It but in the meantime are incapable of doing so themselves. The GOI acronym seems to be used in all sorts of contexts. Anything from people breaking up, losing their jobs, failing to get that first in their degree, to football teams losing a cup final. The contexts are as varied as those who use them. These three little words are also used with differing degrees of severity and lightness. Sometimes we say these three little words with a harsh tone and sometimes with gentle humour.

The art piece induces laughter and brings a smile to people’s faces. Simultaneously it challenges people to think about the concept of GET OVER IT. In the art piece, who is getting over it?  is it the cat in the distance who is busy jumping the hurdles of life? Or is it the dog in the foreground who is lying still and who perhaps has not exerted any inertia to begin the GOI journey.

The textures that Nellie produces are rich and varied and the balance of texture to white space with the use of strong black lines along with the limited colour palette defines the unique style and gives it the clean fresh look.

A modern style has been adopted to explore the world of text speak or text acronyms – a language that has quickly established itself globally.

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