Hnefatafl – An ancient Viking board game

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Hnefatafl is a brilliant ancient Viking board game in which the two players have different objectives.  The King must leave the thrown and reach any of the four corners of the board and the enemy must stop the King from doing so.  Here Hnefatafl has been designed as a beautiful board game by Adrenaline Brush.




  • The game Hnefatafl is a high level strategy game.
  • Perfect for people who like thinking games.
  • Category – 2 player board games.
  • Ages 8 to adult.

Special Features

In Hnefatafl each player has a different objective.   The player who controls the King and his protectors must plan a strategic route to get the King to any corner of the board.  But the player who controls the enemy pieces must try to trap the king before he reaches the corners.  In this game each player employs differing tactics depending on whether they control the king or the enemy.

Additional Information

  • Hnefatafl is an ancient Viking board game for two players.
  • Artists from Adrenaline Brush have redesigned Hnefatafl as a beautiful piece of art so that it can be displayed when not being played.
  • Time to play – 25 to 40 minutes average.
  • The game comes with wooden playing parts and colour illustrated rules without a gift box, OR
  • Game is supplied with wooden playing parts and colour illustrated rules in a gift box.
  • Choking hazard – the game contains small playing pieces not suitable for children under the age of 36 months.

Just to let you know that many of our beautiful board games can be turned into personalised board  games.  In addition, we make different sizes and print on different materials such as vinyl for outdoor use.

Have we mentioned that Adrenaline Brush is a British board game company that has been operating for more than 13 years.  Did you know that we make new board games and revive ancient board games as modern arty games.  Over the years we have created exciting board games for many organisations – just check out the business board game pages.  Lastly, our team include artists/graphic designers with backgrounds in business and education.

Contact us to discuss to your specific needs and the potential options.

4 reviews for Hnefatafl – An ancient Viking board game

  1. Sarah (verified owner)

    What a fantastic game! Despite being defeated twice I loved it! And such a beautiful board too.

  2. Josh elleray

    Challenging and intellectual game, takes a few games to get into it but certainly a game that adapts to the player.

  3. Mike

    Good fun and you can make your own strategy if you are the king or enemy. I love how beautiful the art work is. Emily age 11.

  4. Dave Bradley

    The game is physically attractive. It’s early days but I think this game is going to become a favourite. It is ostensibly simple, and the rules certainly are – easily learned in a couple of minutes. But clearly, like chess or go, there are levels and levels and levels of complexity, which I’m only just beginning to see. The difference is that the two sides in Hnefatafl are trying to achieve different objectives, unlike chess, go and similar games where each is trying to win in the same way. So far as I can tell, at the level I’m currently at, the two sides are surprisingly evenly balanced. When you’ve finished one game playing as blue, you immediately want to start another playing as red! It’s fascinating.

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