SITD – Still In The Dark – Limited Edition Art by Nellie Maan


SITD – A fantastic opportunity to own a Limited Edition Fine Art Print by Nellie Maan from the text speak art collection. See below for a full description.

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SITD or Still In The Dark is belongs to a set of 12 Limited Edition Art Prints by Nellie Maan from her new art collection. There are only 25 signed prints of each image making the art pieces highly collectable.

Still In The Dark challenges the viewer to question who actually is in the dark and to consider how often the viewer feels as if they are SITD. The piece was partly inspired by the oft used SITD acronym by ‘texters’ to express that they are still clueless or confused about the text that they have received. Or to question if the recipient of their text is Still In The Dark. It was also inspired by the question ‘are we confused by the world that we live in or are we just living in a confused world?’

The art piece seemingly shows the sitter in the dark. Is the person sitting in the dark Still In The Dark or is it the world outside? Or are both SITD? There is the presence of light and even a lamp on the table but it has not been turned on. Is SITD part and parcel of the human condition?

The exact working methods are a closely protected secret that have been developed over a number of years. The textures that Nellie produces are rich and varied. The balance of texture to white space with the use of strong black lines along with the limited colour palette defines the unique style and gives it the clean fresh look.

This contemporary art style has been applied to the world of the new language of text jargon that is spreading globally.  This clean, fresh and appealing fine art print is ideal for all styles of decor.

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