Sixteen Soldiers board game

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Sixteen Soldiers is a fast thinking strategy board game in which you leap over and remove your opponent’s pieces.  Sixteen Soldiers requires thinking several steps ahead and planning for multiple captures.

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Sixteen Soldiers

Sixteen Soldiers:

  • The game Sixteen Soldiers is a cool strategic thinking game.
  • A good game for people who like draughts and chess.
  • Category – 2 player board games.
  • Ages 8 to adult.

Special Feature

Sixteen Soldiers is a two player strategy board game.  It involves leaping over and capturing single and multiple pieces.  Players must think several steps ahead and the victor is often the player who is planning for multi captures in a single move and is willing to sacrifice a few pieces to achieve this.

Additional Information

  • This is an ancient strategy game is from Sri Lanka and India where it is called cows and leopards.
  • Estimated time to play is about 25 to 30 minutes average.
  • We will supply the game comes with wooden playing parts and colour illustrated rules without a gift box, OR
  • We will supply the game wooden playing parts and colour illustrated rules in a gift box.
  • Please keep the game away from children under the age of 36 months as the playing parts are a choking hazard.
  • The art work is really popular with men and boys – type of board games for men and board games for boys.

Adrenaline Brush started back in 2006 and after 12 years we know an awful lot about board game design, play mechanics and methods of production.    Customers will buy our games not only to play but also to hang up on their walls as decorative pieces of art.

Contact us if you have a game idea that you want to develop.


1 review for Sixteen Soldiers board game

  1. Lucie (verified owner)

    We chose this game as a wedding present for our board game geek friends.
    We love the idea that it is pretty art piece, an ancient game and a rather strategical type of game.
    Adrenaline Brush was very cooperative in terms of delivering the game on time, even though it was out of stock.
    “We occasionally can move the mountain…” was their reply, and yes, they can!
    Not only, that it arrived on time, but in a nice box suitable for serving as gift. We as well love the idea, that you can basically hang the board on wall as art piece, since it hase nice wooden frame.
    Definately original gift item when it comes to people who are into board games.

    • Nellie Maan

      Thank you for your comment and all the best wishes for the future back at home.

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