Small Wood Counters – for board games/maths games

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Small Wood Counters – these small wood counters can be used in board games and are popular for counting games and maths games.


Small Wood Counters

Small Wood Counters:

  • A set of 48 small wood counters that are suitable for board games.
  • Colours include 12 pink, 12 orange, 12 black and 12 brown counters.
  • You can use these counters for board games or maths games.
  • The counters are made from wood that reveals the grain of wood.
  • The wood is sourced from sustainable sources.

Additional Information

  • The small wood counters meet CE requirements and come from Europe.
  • These small wood counters are about 15mm diameter by 4mm thick.
  • The counters are perfect for small board games as well as counting games.
  • Choking hazard – the wooden counters are not suitable for children under the age of 3 years.
  • For schools that have a lot of board games these parts are suitable as replacements.
  • We are uniquely able offer large quantities at a discounted rate.

We do actively source a very wide range of playing pieces.  So if you are looking for other playing pieces – for example, dice/pawns – by all means just contact us to discuss your specific needs.  We will endeavour to help us as much as we can.

Adrenaline Brush we in the business of making games and board games.  As well as producing a wide range of retail games, we also design and manufacture training board games for businesses.  In addition, we design and produce small runs of games for board game inventors.  We enjoy making personalised board games and you can personalise any one of our own games.  We deliver board game design days for organisations from different sectors.  As a matter of fact these, days are good as for team building as they offer participants the opportunity to be creative and design their own games.

We would like to point out that in our team we have artists and graphic designers and people who are keen board game players and bring this enthusiasm to their work.

Contact us by all means to find out more about our work and services.

4 reviews for Small Wood Counters – for board games/maths games

  1. Dave Manning (verified owner)

    The items are buy are always top notch. The service is great and delivery very fast. I have been dealing with the company for a while now and they have always provided excellent service.

  2. Agnieszka (verified owner)

    The pieces are well made and easy to pick up. Good for small board games.

  3. zoë (verified owner)

    Look amazing, i really recommend them!

  4. David Manning (verified owner)

    The small counters are 15mm in size and are very useful for small board games. The re are various colours, but the one I use is Black to be used on my board game. The counters are made of wood so are good for the environment.

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