Square Route Board Game

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Square Route – Square Route is a fantastic brain challenge of a game that may leave you disorientated or victorious as you negotiate your way to victory through constantly changing hazards.

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Square Route

Square Route:

  • This is a game of tactics and risk taking.
  • A great family game.
  • Category – 2 – 4 player board games.
  • Ages 8 to adult.

Special Feature

Square Route is a modern game with some unique moving mechanisms.  You can only move by following the arrows on the direction cards.  In this game of strategy you will need to move your counters from the edges of the board to the centre to score points.  However, you will need to navigate around moving obstacles as well as your opponents’ counters.  Stacking up your counters may hasten your progress to the centre or equally end up being disastrous especially if the other players gang up and capture you and send you back to the start.  Players can use the special black counters to make their counters safe from capture.  Additionally, you can also use the the special white counters to block the path of your opponents.  Finally, if you capture your opponents counters you are allowed to place them in any of the starting squares, making it hard for the opponent to stack their counters.

Additional Information

  • Square Route is a new board game that will challenge and develop tactical skills.
  • In fact this is one of our favourite family board games.
  • Time to play – 25 to 40 minutes average.
  • Game is supplied with wooden playing parts and colour illustrated rules in a gift box.
  • The art work is really popular with men and boys – type of board games for men and board games for boys.

Adrenaline Brush is a British board game company and we have been operating for more than 12 years. We specialise in making board games. Not only do we make new board games we also revive ancient board games.  The team include artists/graphic designers with backgrounds in business and education.

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1 review for Square Route Board Game

  1. Susan

    Hi Ken,
    Jaine and Paul won’t be opening their new game until Christmas Day, but they were very interested to learn that you had actually devised and designed the game yourself. For Jaine’s 31st birthday next month, they will be spending the afternoon at a games cafe in London. They are both quite competitive. Please feel free to post my comments on your website. Many thanks.
    Kind regards,

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