WYWH – #420 – text speak art by Nellie Maan


WYWH – A fantastic opportunity to own a Limited Edition Fine Art Print by Nellie Maan from the text speak art collection. See below for a full description.

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WYWH or Wish You Were Here  with #420 is part of a set of Limited Edition Art Prints by Nellie Maan from her new art range. There are only 25 signed prints of each image making the art pieces highly collectable.

WYWH provides an inviting armchair for the viewer to enjoy their drug of choice. The piece was conceived in response to current affairs. Allegations that senior Politicians had taken drugs in the past, the on-going discussion about legal highs and the call to introduce a ban. The reduction in the recommended units of alcohol for men, the TAX on cigarettes and potential tax on sugary products.

Originally titled #420 the piece was retitled WYWH #420. #420 is simply symbolic of the substances that people choose for whatever reason they choose them.  Are people trying to escape momentarily from their worlds. But is it truly an escape, or does it continue raining even though the sun is shining? After the experience or even during the experience do you really wish you were here!

The precise working methods are a closely guarded secret that have been developed over a number of years. The textures that Nellie produces are rich and varied and the balance of texture to white space with the use of strong black lines along with the limited colour palette defines the unique style and gives it the clean fresh look.

This contemporary art style has been applied to the growing world of text speak (or text jargon) acronyms – a language that has many meanings and interpretation.  As someone pointed out –

Surely not the HTTP 420 error code because that would be just slightly too cool – it meant variously, “Method Failure (Spring Framework)” (quite appropriate for a chair) or “Enhance Your Calm” (when used by Twitter)’.

This new modern art is very popular with anyone looking for contemporary art pieces.

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