Yote – An ancient two player strategy board game


Yote – is an exciting strategy game in which players strategically place and move their pieces on the board to capture their opponent’s pieces.

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  • The game Yote is a high level strategy game.
  • Intellectually stimulating and challenging.
  • 2 player board games.
  • Ages 8 to adult.
  • Our games are beautifully designed and made in the UK with quality wooden playing parts.

Special Feature

In Yote players can decide when and where to introduce their counters on the board.  Once the counters are on the board, players can move them horizontally or vertically to capture their opponent’s counters by jumping over them.  Multiple captures are possible in a single move.

Additional Information

  • Yote board game is an ancient game that can help develop thinking skills.
  • It is part of the Africa games called African checkers.
  • Artists at Adrenaline Brush redesigned Yote with African elephants.
  • Time to play – 30 to 45 minutes average.
  • We will supply the game with wooden playing parts and colour illustrated rules without a gift box, OR
  • We will supply the game with wooden playing parts and colour illustrated rules in a gift box.
  • Please keep the game away from children under the age of 36 months as the playing parts are a choking hazard.

Just to let you know that customers are buying  this game as a gift for family members and friends and some are personalising it with their own photographs to make it extra special.  Many people are buying  the games for their caravans and camper vans for the hours of entertainment they can provide in the evenings.

All our board games work well in schools school settings and can be used when delivering lessons in Maths, English or PHSE.  We are selling  our games to schools for school games and activity weeks.  We  are delivering board game design days to schools to help them design their own board games.   You can find out more about our work with schools by dropping us a line.

We are a British board game  company that has been running for over more than 13 years.  We are making new board games and researching and reviving ancient board games as modern games.  The team includes artists/graphic designers who have worked in business and education .

Contact us to discuss to your specific needs and the potential options.

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